My name is Ben Luskin, MS CMHC, CPC and it is my honor to welcome you to Launch Empowerment Mentoring, a unique blend of Life Coaching and other support services geared toward individuals struggling with life transitions resulting from brain injury, mental health, and other significant challenges.

I strive to meet clients at their launching points and work with them to design a custom support model that best suits their needs and preferences. By placing my emphasis on the relationships I build with clients, I am able to quickly discern their personal strengths, and use these as a basis for our ongoing work.

Firmly rooted in my personal experience as a traumatic brain injury survivor and years of educational and professional experience, my approach has gained me a reputation for being able to connect with individuals along a continuum of growth and development. To this end, I offer a range of support services in residential and public settings in addition to work in my office.

  • Customized Support
  • Focus on Empowerment
  • Client Driven
  • Utilizes Conventional and Alternative Methods
  • Mind/Body Integration
  • Holistic Focus