Transitions can be difficult to manage, yet they offer abundant opportunities for personal growth. Utilizing a unique blend of mental health counseling, Life Coaching, and behavioral modification, I can support you in navigating your way through school, work, personal health, and relationships. Drawing from a wealth of personal as well as professional experience, I can assist you in letting go of attachments to your old identity, allowing you to move forward with conviction and self-appreciation toward new opportunities. Through this process, you will learn to trust your intuition and look to yourself for solutions to your dilemmas.

By tracking behaviors to their root factors, my clients gain insight into their unique patterns of operation. They become more aligned with their intentions and motivations and learn to use these as foundations for further development. Ultimately, they learn to act from a comfortable place of self-knowing.

Honoring diversity, I strive to meet clients at their launching points and work with them to design a custom support model that best suits their needs and preferences. My resume includes extensive work with individuals struggling with brain injury and mental health related concerns, as well as with the ASD/DD population. I also specialize in family, parenting, and men's issues, as they manifest in context with disability. By placing emphasis on the relationships I build with clients, I am able to quickly discern their personal strengths and use these as a basis for ongoing work.

  • Customized Support
  • Focus on Empowerment
  • Client Driven
  • Utilizes Conventional and Alternative Methods
  • Mind/Body Integration
  • Wholistic Focus