From Clients

“I found my Life Coaching session with Ben to be rewarding and effective on levels I hadn’t originally anticipated. I was impressed by his ability to listen and not let traditional counseling techniques or clinical presumptions precede or restrict the natural flow of thought processes. Ben offers his own voice in a timely and relevant way that eschews the inhibitions of a “Counselor / Client” relationship allowing for unlimited progress at a pace I was comfortable with. It was an amazingly refreshing experience and one that I look forward to having again.”


“My time spent with Ben has been very helpful and enlightening. We have removed layers of myself associated with negative behaviors and found a more natural and hopeful side of me. We have been biking for a lot of our sessions, and I definitely notice the difference being physically active. He also helps me with household chores, nutrition, and general well-being. He is very open in terms of topics to talk about and tries every session to gain more knowledge about the perspective I am coming from. Because of our work, I have been able to maintain a healthy relationship with my father through tough times. He also helped me greatly during a month long episode of depression. He always tries to show me alternative views or ways of reasoning and helps me see things in a holistic view. Ben also has a sense of humor, which is great and always fun to bring out–it shows that he is a normal guy, not just someone getting paid to see me. He takes all of my mental, emotional, and physical needs into account, and tries to show alternatives ways to express or suppress my reactions. Overall, I have made much progress with Ben, and I appreciate him and our work together all the more now that I am starting school full time.”


“Before I began this personal journey I am currently undertaking, I was lazy, disillusioned, bored, and sought little but my own amusement and pleasure. I procrastinated when it came to doing the things I needed to do and made excuses for why I couldn’t do them. I was stuck in a pattern of beginning to make improvements, hitting some kind of obstacle, and then sliding back down. Now I have begun to look at my life from a new perspective. The laziness, disillusionment, and boredom are still there, to be sure, though I now find myself better able to cope with and combat them (the old behaviors) when they come. I still fall into old patterns of behavior, from time to time, but I no longer just sit idly by and allow that descent to go on. My recognition (of these patterns) at work and the subsequent boost it has given my self-esteem and evaluation of my abilities has been a boon to this process of personal growth. It reminds me that I can when properly motivated, put forth great effort and professionalism. I am endeavoring to bring said effort into my life outside of work, though it is not an easy task. In summary, I am more aware now of both my failings and my strengths, try to place more emphasis on my successes than my setbacks, and I now see that, though the road ahead is hard and the climb high, I CAN make it!”


“Ben Luskin has been helping our adult son for over a year and continues to guide him. He’s tried many things on his own but just hasn’t been able to accomplish things due to his ADD and lack of organizing. Ben continues to evaluate him and helps him with the necessary paperwork and assignments. He gives our son realistic expectations, helps him set goals and helps him evaluate his life situations and move ahead. Ben is the best thing and opportunity our son has had and we are extremely grateful to him for his knowledge and expertise in his field. He continues to work on successes with our son.”


“Ben Luskin worked with my son & I during a critical and dangerous time. He instinctively did the right things to turn a prolonged, life-threatening crisis onto another path. He didn’t merely see what was needed, he had the courage and the energy to be there — to show up and not give up. Other counselors and advisors were accessible if and when you could come to them. Ben isn’t limited by that kind of office routine. He engages directly with the ruptured lives of troubled people who do not have the initiative to bring themselves to an office. My life and my son’s life are safer and more promising as a result of Ben’s intervention.”


From Colleagues

“Your presentation really shows a lot and talks about what we are going through.”


“A bunch of us ‘tried out’ this workshop with Ben at a first Wednesday! I loved it!!!! It combines….. physical exercise (stretching, movement)…. creativity (dance, animal characters)….. spiritual wisdom ( perspectives on the world)…. play….. I can guarantee you will have fun….. Try it out, this is really unique to Eugene. Ben does a fantastic job, don’t miss out on this young person’s skills and leadership! Bring a friend and try it out, you’ll have a blast and it’s healthy…. But even if you don’t go, SPREAD THE WORD! Forward to others!”


“Ben facilitated an hour of the Recovery Lifestyles addictions recovery group through the Center For Family Development. His leadership skills were superb and made for an especially powerful workshop when combined with his creativity and skill. Ben is a natural healer who understands the mix of discipline and compassion in his presentation. He also invited in originality and life lessons that I will be using in future Recovery Lifestyles groups. Ben was the best received of all the excellent guest facilitators we have had, and he will gladly be invited back.”


“Your workshop was fun and invigorating! At first, I was reluctant to participate but once I did, it felt great to move my body in different ways while focusing on particular muscles. Re-enacting certain animal movements and sounds were really fun. Overall, I felt great afterward and I hope you can come back and teach us more. Thank you, Ben!”