My Path

I grew up alongside an older brother with asd and spent much of my childhood helping out in his classrooms and accompanying him to his extracurricular programs. Then at age 12 I was hit by a semi-truck and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. The next fifteen years of my life were host to a long string of successes and setbacks. Near the end of those fifteen years I was introduced to martial arts, through which I gained confidence and learned to move in ways I had previously considered impossible. As my physical body grew stronger and more agile, so too did my mental and spiritual faculties. Since that time, I have continued to seek and pursue opportunities to further hone my skill sets. The satisfaction that comes with hard work and dedication has become for me the ultimate joy in life.

Since launching my LIFE COACHING practice out of my garage in 2009, I have had the honor of working closely with many individuals and their families to realize their unique ideas of success. My experience includes: leading a successful private practice, running weekly recovery groups for a range of populations, designing and facilitating an empowerment-based recovery curriculum, building and running a behavioral health program for the HIV population in E. Oregon, cofounding a disability rights activist group, serving as vice chair on the Oregon State Independent Living Council, presenting at conferences and music festivals, working in diverse environments ranging from an acute psychiatric ward to community outreach, and much more. Above all else, I seek through my work to bring out the beautiful humanity in each individual I work with, honoring and holding space for their journeys toward integrity and self-realization.