As difficult as they may seem at times, our struggles can offer us opportunities to discover more about ourselves and our potential. Utilizing a unique blend of clinical mental health counseling, whole person life coaching, and mindfulness tools, I can support you in breaking free from your limitations, allowing you to move forward with conviction and confidence toward new opportunities. Through this process, you can learn to trust your intuition and act from a place of personal integrity. The value you place upon yourself may grow and you may discover that you are capable of achieving far more than you once thought possible.

Honoring diversity, I strive to meet clients at their launching points. My resume includes extensive work with individuals and families undergoing major life transitions, specifically those linked with brain injury, trauma, and disability issues. By placing emphasis on the relationships I build with clients, I am able to move at their pace and follow their lead. 


  • Customized Support
  • Focus on Empowerment
  • Client Driven
  • Utilizes Conventional and Alternative Methods
  • Mind/Body Integration
  • Holistic Focus