Support Consulting


The very fact that you are on this page suggests that you care deeply for another. Your desire to help burns strong, but you may have a hard time figuring out just how to help. I can assist you in recognizing and achieving the full potential of your well-intended gifts.

Equipped with knowledge, training, and experience in behavioral health, I can work with you to understand how even small adjustments to what you're already doing can bring about sizable progress. I can help you to understand the hidden factors underlying your relationship with another, and how you can leverage these to promote wellbeing. I can help you to home in on another's amazing and unique strengths and learn how to amplify these in your interactions with them.


  • All work is customized
  • Draws from developmental, behavioral, and psychological models
  • Supports growth in your relationship with another
  • Services proceed at a pace custom tailored to you and another's ever evolving relationship
  • Caters to individuals as well as organizations