Family Consulting


The very fact that you are on this page suggests that you are an amazing individual who cares deeply for another. Your desire to help burns strong, but you may have a hard time figuring out just how to help. As a nationally certified counselor and life coach, as well as a survivor who has benefited immensely from the support provided by his family and friends, it would be my great honor to help you figure out how to best aid your loved one along his or her journey.

To be of greatest assistance, I understand that I need to experience your experience. Therefore, I put myself at your disposal to bring me in as close to your world as you see fit. From the accrued knowledge, I can gain insight into the meanings behind your words and the questions behind your answers. Most importantly, my aim is to join you in developing the courage, strength, and know-how to provide optimal support to your loved one.


  • All work is customized
  • Draws from developmental and psychological models
  • Sessions take into account the stage of change each individual is in
  • The client's AND the family's best interests are considered