Counseling + Life Coaching

In a Nutshell...

Through thoughtful questioning, I can help you to understand your moves in perspective with the greater picture, which includes at its center your personal truths. With this information, I can help you to identify goals and ultimately build a lifestyle complimentary of those goals. Along the way, you will become more proficient with the tools in your toolkit and more capable in all areas of your life.

As a certified Life Coach with many years under my belt, and a registered mental health counseling intern, I have both the training and experience to motivate and assist you through whatever falls along your path. Yet, even though I may be a support, you are always in the lead, maintaining authority over the direction of your life. You could consider me a shadow of sorts, who is always there when you go looking for him, but never gets in your way.


Benefits Include

  • Enhanced relationships
  • Defined goals
  • Ease in decision making
  • Greater control over behaviors
  • Better understanding of needs and desires
  • A comprehensive road map to self-fulfillment



  • Functions within a strength-based understanding of the self
  • Is client-directed and draws primarily from personal experience
  • Utilizes shifts in perception to facilitate personal transformation
  • Creates a comfortable environment within which clients receive much support and little pressure
  • Places great value on awareness and self-control
  • Shares knowledge of goal-setting and progress-tracking to help clients follow through with their intentions